Toddler EvaluationWe work both privately and with the Early Intervention Program of Illinois to evaluate your child.  Early Intervention is a state run program which serves children ages 0-3 years of age.  Children are often referred to the program by their parents or physician due concerns with  speech production, language acquisition, play and social interaction, gross and/or fine development and behavior.  When we evaluate with the Early Intervention, the evaluation is done in conjunction with the program guidelines.  If you choose to go though Early Intervention, the evaluation is scheduled through you local Child and Family Connections Center (insert link to finding) with the appropriate professionals to assess your concerns (i.e. 606 Speech to evaluate Speech and Language and Feeding, Developmental Therapist to assess play and cognitive skills, Occupational Therapist to assess fine motor and sensory skills, Physical Therapist to assess gross motor skills etc...)


Clients often choose to complete evaluations privately due to the age of their child (over three years) or need for expedited service.  In this case, a 606 Speech evaluator would come to your home or your child's school to complete the evaluation.  Full Speech Language evaluations include a speech production portion, an expressive and receptive language section and an oral-motor feeding section (as detailed as indicated by initial concerns).  Evaluations may take more than one session based on your child's needs.


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